Gigglebug episodes are now on Yle Areena!

Gigglebug is a tiny creature with a special gift: a really contagious laugh. He lives in the enchanted Greengown forest with all of his friends, and together they face all sort of situations that are relatable for young children. The stories about Gigglebug are designed to bring joy out of the screen and into the social place where children are playing.

Now the Gigglebug animation, created by Joonas Utti and Anttu Harlin, can be seen on Yle Areena (Finnish Broadcasting Company). There are 26 episodes available, all of which are five minutes long. The series cover topics such as stage fright, fear of the dark and the power of laughter as well as feelings of externality and longing.

Watch the episodes in Finnish on Yle Areena!